You may be all grown up, but you’re never too old for straighter teeth. These days, adults are undergoing teeth straightening treatments. The demand for orthodontics for adults continues to increase at surprising rates. According to the American Association of Orthodontics, adults make up an estimated 20 percent of all people wearing braces – that figure is up 37 percent over the last decade. And people seeking dental braces for adults are finding it was worth the wait. With the evolution of dental braces for children and dental braces for adults, patients are becoming more comfortable with the idea of wearing clear porcelain braces, ceramic braces and Invisalign® aligners.

Orthodontic treatments improve the appearance of crooked or malpositioned teeth and move them into straighter, more aesthetically pleasing positions.

When it comes to orthodontics for adults, Invisalign® braces are among the more popular alternatives to traditional methods. With Invisalign®, the teeth are straightened without using metal or porcelain braces with wires. Custom teeth aligners are made from a special clear plastic, and can be removed while eating, drinking and brushing teeth.

Invisalign® for adults can often be performed with one or only a few dentist visits and are comfortable and easy. Sage Dental Group’s dentists and orthodontists are highly experienced in providing Invisalign® treatment for both children and adults. We have 20 locations throughout Florida that handle orthodontics for children and orthodontics for adults.