Pediatric Dentistry

Who loves going to the
dentist? Your kids will.

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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

Can we go to the dentist again, Mom?

We want our children to grow up taking good care of their teeth. Since that includes making regular visits to the dentist, we certainly don’t want them to fear that. In fact, we’d love for them to feel comfortable – and even enjoy their visits. That’s the experience that our specialist pediatric dentists want them to have! Let us help you instill great life habits in your children.

Dentistry for Children

At Sage Dental we also make the process easier, right from the start. Most insurance plans require you to first have your child seen by an adult general dentist, in order to get a referral to a pediatric specialist. If the general dentist is able to treat your child you may not get that referral. While many general dentists are great with children, your child may not feel as comfortable as s/he would with a pediatric dentist – someone who particularly enjoys working with young children. If you do get a referral you have to make sure the specialist is in your network and you’re now dealing with separate dentists. At Sage Dental that’s not something we want to put you, or your child through. Our pediatric dentists choose to work exclusively with young children – it’s what they enjoy, it’s their calling. Their specialization includes time devoted to understanding children’s needs and concerns; and of course, how best to treat them:
  • To encourage their curiosity so they learn the essential facts,
  • To foster their natural tendency to want to look after themselves, and
  • To make their experiences positive ones, so that they are set through adulthood.

Kids Dentist Near You

We have multiple pediatric dentists within our network of 100 offices. Since they visit multiple offices every week, you can schedule your child’s appointment either at your own office, or one that’s close to you. You don’t need a referral, so you can make sure your child’s first experience is with a kid-friendly dentist! You don’t need to worry about being in-network and there’s no extra paperwork. Sage Dental is your Total Care Solution—we would love to be your family dentist! We make it easy for your children and you to visit for the dental care you need. Call us now to find a location near you.

Affordable Pediatric Dentistry

Comprehensive dental care for your children should not cost a fortune. We accept most dental insurance plans, including Florida Healthy Kids under MCNA HK in select offices. View the full list.