According to, an estimated 57% of dental patients suffer from dentin hypersensitivity, better known as tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity is a chronic condition that causes bursts of sharp pain within the teeth. The pain, which can go deep into the nerve, is usually triggered by hot, cold, sweet or sour foods and drinks. Even cold air can cause severe discomfort for individuals suffering from tooth sensitivity. The pain is often unbearable, but it doesn’t have to be. Sage Dental is pleased to offer the best sensitive teeth treatment in Central Florida.

Most people do not know what causes tooth sensitivity. This condition is the result of the underlying layer of the tooth or teeth becoming exposed due to receding gum tissue. Once the protective layer of tissue is gone, anything – hot, cold, sweet or sour — that comes in contact with the dentinal tubules in the roots results in shooting pain.

So what causes tooth sensitivity? The usual suspects include over-brushing, tooth decay around the gum line, gum recession, cracked teeth, gum disease, an accumulation of plaque and teeth grinding. Other contributing factors include tooth whitening products and long-term use of mouthwash. The first step in dealing with tooth sensitivity is consulting with dental professionals experienced in dealing with these issues.

Treatments for tooth sensitivity include applying dentin sealers or fluoride varnishes to exposed roots and using bonding materials to cover the root surface. At Sage Dental, we also promote good dental hygiene habits to prevent problems with tooth sensitivity before they ever begin.

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