a team of dentists


When affiliating with Sage Dental, we customize the process specific to your individual needs.

As we grow our relationship built on trust, we will collaborate and establish how we can help you grow and advance your office.
the seven steps to affiliation for Sage Dental

When the Sage Dental affiliation process begins, our dedicated Affiliation team will be with you every step of the way to determine what you need and what support we can deliver to help make your dreams a reality. The process is simple and can take as little as 90 days. We allow you to decide how quickly you want to close this opportunity.  Sage Dental is always understanding and extremely flexible during this process.

We make the transition as seamless as possible. During this process, you will work specifically with our Affiliation Transition team, who will outline your roadmap for success.  Our team will assure you have everything you need to stay in control and in the know.

We know this is an exciting road to travel!  During your practice transition process, you and your team will have the ability to visit our home office and take part in our our new employee training & orientation program. We know that this time can be a hectic time for you and your team. We aim to address any concerns and explain what Sage Dental believes in. You will find & experience the friendliness and encouragement from all of our staff. You will get to meet everyone responsible for your success that is behind the scenes but plays and integral part in the Sage Dental success model.